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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday, Nick!

This is "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" written in bacon...by Mitchell, for Nick!


Here is Nick with his cake!  

Tuesday, July 27 was Nick's 16th birthday!   That makes me feel a little old...but time just keeps flying by.   We had a couple of Nick's friends over for some pool fun & a cookout.   I think we almost caught the wood fence on fire with the 2-foot flames that were coming out of the grill.   The hamburgers quickly turned into hockey pucks!   Kurt took them all to a TEXAS RANGERS game after the hamburgers-turned-hockey-pucks incident....they had a great time there!   Tonight was Nick's first time at a "real" job (because working for me really doesn't count!).   He did great & is ready to go back tomorrow night!


Lynn said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nick! What a good looking guy! I can almost smell that bacon. LOL. Thanks for sharing.

Fort Worth Fabric Studio said...

Thanks, Lynn! I'll pass the birthday wishes along! :o)

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