Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mitchell's Gingerbread House

I knew this would be right up Mitchell's alley.   He loves art & crafty things.   He already put up the Christmas tree all by himself......took it out of the box, set up the tree, and put on the ornaments.    So I knew he'd have fun with this little project!   Notice the cell phone within arm's reach on the table, haha!

  Here he is with the finished house:

Speaking of gingerbread & Christmas cookies....I found an amazing line for Christmas 2011 by Janet Wecker far it is my favorite of all the Christmas lines I've seen.     It's called Christmas Tradition.   And yes, it's up for pre-order already!  The Cookies & Snowflake Stripe is my favorite print.

Newsflash....I've just been informed that the roof is going to start disappearing from the gingerbread house...haha....good thing I took photos before the nibbling started!

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Lynn said...

Good job Mitchell! I have never made a gingerbread house. :) Lynn

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