Friday, March 4, 2011

More Cat in the Hat from Jerry R.!

Jerry R. is a sewing machine....I mean, she herself is a sewing machine (emphasis on machine!).   This talented lady has some of the best-dressed grandkids you'll ever meet.    Take a look at this gem:

If you're thinking about some Seussical creations, we have the full line of Dr. Seuss prints available.   CLICK HERE to take a peek at Seuss Fabric!

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Jerry said...

Jodie, I'm just seeing this! You are a mess - you know that, right?! :) The outfits were a hit and my Little Precious and her little brother loved their outfits. I should have sent you a picture of Charlie's pants and appliqued shirt. They couldn't wait to wear them, so they wore them to church the next morning. Ha!! I love to plug Ft. Worth Sewing Studio - the best online fabric store EVER!!!

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