Friday, July 15, 2011


So what is the "HOT" new fabric according to my 3 teenage boys?   YEP....Camelot Cotton's MARVEL COMICS!

The boys commissioned me to make some pillowcases.    Here they are, in a nice, neat stack.   (I love brand new,  freshly pressed pillowcases....but sadly, I never take the time to press them after the first wash!)

And here's a photo of 2 of the pillowcases.....unfolded a bit, so you can see the fabric choices:

We now have new *favorites* for our pillows tonight!


Anita said...

Love your pillowcases! I need to make some wonder woman ones for me :)

Maree in NC :-) said...

those pillow cases are way cool! :-)

ShirleyC said...

I just bought some of this for pj pants for my grandson. He was elated!

Fort Worth Fabric Studio said...

Anita ~ thanks! and Wonder Woman would be great....I could use some Wonder Woman vibes!

Maree ~ thanks bunches!

Shirley ~ Ahhh.....great idea....don't let my boys read this, haha!

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