Sunday, July 24, 2011

Soooo....what can YOU make with cardboard?

How many of you remember the "DOG MANSION" that my son Mitchell (and his friend Justin) made last year?  

Well, it seems the CARDBOARD CREATOR, Mitchell, is at it again!   I didn't realize it was *a year-to-the-day of the Dog Mansion* ~ until I went to load the photos!  How funny is that?!   

Another year....another doghouse......or shall we say, DOG BARN!   Inspiration struck again....Mitchell said this would be a barn......and it had to be red, so I bought him a can of red spray paint.   I didn't know he'd go find white craft paint (we have a ton of colors!) to add the finishing touches.   

{That's Daisy out front.}

{Their names on the roof: 
Daisy, Coco, Pebbles.}

{and paw prints on this side.}

I thought Mitchell's  DOG BARN turned out awesome!    I took the photos outside.....but the barn sits in my office....with the dog bed inside.   And yes, ALL THREE of my Chihuahuas go in there & sleep.   :o)   I love it!


Cindy said...

Love it! It reminds me of my brothers first apartment. It was in the attic of a building called the Beer Barn in Denton, and was probably about the size of your son's barn...only they didn't allow pets!

quiltzyx said...

Great dog barn! The finishing touches make it even better too... :D

ElaineW said...

Jodie, I love that. Maybe they could make one for my 3 Shih-tzus.

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