Thursday, June 19, 2014

Forest Friends {Framed Nursery Applique}

Welcome! My name is Sarah. I'm a work-at-home, milspouse mom who loves sewing and quilting, sharing whatever craftiness I’ve been up to on my blog, Berry Barn Designs. I enjoy carving out time for large quilts and will be launching a longarm business later this year, but also love small projects, be they doll quilts or home decor or handmade gifts - you can see a variety of my projects here.

Today I’m back for a second visit with FWFS, joining in the Oh Sew Baby! excitement. Since adorable woodland creatures are popping up all over new fabric lines, as well as in baby decor, I decide to share a darling little deer tutorial with you: my Forest Friends {Framed Nursery Applique} is the perfect way to add some whimsical woodland to your nursery or playroom, and makes for a great shower gift that can be customized to mom-to-be's color scheme. Walls already hung? How about a cute throw pillow for the rocking chair instead? And if you love Danny Deer, be sure to stop by my blog tomorrow where I'll share two more Forest Friends to complete the trio!

Since we're feeling outdoorsy, here are the "provisions" you'll need:
  • Forest Friends "Danny Deer" template
  • Picture frame (I used 11"x14" frames with 8"x10" mats)
  • Fabric for Danny Deer and background
  • Iron on fabric adhesive (I used HeatnBond Lite) 
  • Iron on heavy interfacing/fleece (I used Pellon Fusible Fleece)
  • Contrasting thread for applique 
  • Ruler, scissors (not your best fabric pair), pencil and chocolate (I never sew without it!)

Step 1
Download the Forest Friends "Danny Deer" template, and trace the image onto your iron on fabric adhesive IN REVERSE of the direction you want it to face when finished. Your adhesive should have a rough (adhesive) side and a smooth (paper backed) side - trace onto the smooth side. You can do this on a window like I did or over a light box.

Step 2
Take time to position "Danny Deer" onto the wrong side of your fabric. (I cut the head separately so I could align it and the body better on my fabric .) Following manufacturer's directions, iron the fabric adhesive to the wrong side of your fabric, then cut out around design. (Since I separated the head from the body, I cut a little extra fabric at the neck to tuck under the head when I ironed them on to the background fabric.)

Step 3
Cut background fabric (to fit your mat, add 1" on each side - my mat was 8"x10" so I cut background fabric to 10"x12"... if not using a mat, cut to full size of frame). Position "Danny Deer" on background fabric (I laid down the mat to help me decide placement). Following manufacturer's directions, iron design to right side of background fabric.

Step 4
Using a straight stitch (I lengthen mine to 2.8 or 3 for this type of sketch applique) and the needle down function on your machine if possible (it will help you pause to lift the foot and pivot as you work tighter curves and corners), stitch two or three times around "Danny Deer" just inside the edge (about 1/8"). Pull top thread to the back and tie off, cutting closely to the knot so you don't see stray threads sticking out from the edge under lighter background fabrics once it's framed. 

Be sure to have fun with this step! Your applique lines give the fawn its character. The lines don't have to be precise and don't have to overlap perfectly. I chose to stitch my second line a little more inside my first to add detailing to the ear. If you want to play around with the look, before you sew sketch it in pencil on the paper template to figure out what you like best : )

Step 5
When you finish appliqueing, following manufacturer's directions, iron the wrong side of the background fabric to the glue side of the iron on heavy interfacing or fleece. This step will smooth out any slight rippling of the background fabric caused by the applique, ensuring your piece lays smooth under glass. It also keeps thread ends in place and makes the piece a little sturdier to handle for framing. 

Now you're all ready to frame!

Thanks so much stopping by Fort Worth Fabric Studio today to check out the latest installment in the Oh Sew Baby! series.

If you've missed any of these great baby project tutorials, you can find links for them all right here. Plus, be sure to link up your own baby related projects for a chance to win a $50 FWFS gift certificate!

And finally, if your fawn could use a few pals, 
I invite you to stop by Berry Barn Designs tomorrow
to download two more adorable Forest Friends!

I want to thank Sarah for stopping by today and sharing this darling Nursery Art with us! Be sure to stop by her blog and see all of her lovely work! :)  


Afton Warrick said...

That's darling. My daughter's room has a forest theme, so this would be a perfect addition.

Ella and Nesta said...

So cute! Would look great in an older child's room too!

Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs said...

Thanks again for having me participate in the series, Lindsey & Jodie - this project was so much fun!

Anita said...

Very cute!

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