Tuesday, September 9, 2014

6-Pocket Tote Tutorial

Hi there! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! 

We've had a bit of a quiet week so far on the blog, but that's because I've been getting this lovely tote pattern and kit ready for you guys! 

I am super excited about this tote.  I love bags, and I have a bag for pretty much everything.  I have my purse, I have a church bag, I have a bag for my crocheting, I have a bag for my embroidery, a swimming bag,  a makeup bag, and the list goes on and on! I don't think a girl can have too many bags! 

When I was thinking about this pattern, I wanted to make a really functional bag.  I wanted something that had plenty of pockets in the front for easy access. I also wanted it to be a good sized, not too big, but large enough that I could fit plenty of things in! 

So here it is, my Six Pocket Tote:
Click HERE to purchase the 6 Pocket Tote Kit - sold out

I am pretty smitten with how it turned out.  It is so girly, with the paris fabrics and the pink polka dots! I love the functionality of it and love the size.  It is perfect to fit my three-ring binder in and also my planner.  And with all the pocket space, I can put my keys, phone, and any other small things I need to have access to easily! 

The handles are a nice size, but you can definitely adjust these to make them shorter if you prefer shorter handles.  I prefer my handles a bit longer so that it fits comfortably over my shoulder.  

The lining in this bag is absolutely one of my favorite script fabrics! It really compliments the exterior fabrics.  

Alright let's get started! 


1/2 yard of Exterior Print - April In Paris -- Timeless Treasures
1 yard for Pockets and Handles - Dear Stella Confetti Dots
1/2 yard for lining - Script -Timeless Treasures

3 yards of Pellon SF101 Fusible Interfacing
1/2 yard of Fusible Fleece

Step 1: Start with your two pocket pieces.  Fold each piece in half, with wrong sides together and press.  Top stitch 3/8" from the folded edge of each pocket.  (Diagram 1)

Step 2: Place each pocket piece on each piece of your exterior pieces right sides facing up.  Line unfinished bottom edge of pockets with the bottom edge of exterior pieces.  (Diagram 2) Pin to secure.  Then mark  a line 6" and 12" from the sides of your pocket pieces.  (Diagram 3)

Sew along your marked lines-- making sure you back stitch to secure.  This will create your pockets.  (Diagram 4) To secure your pockets further, you can sew a stay stitch along the left and right sides of each exterior piece using a 1/4" seam allowance.  (Diagram 5)

Step 3:  Now sew your two exterior pieces together by placing them right sides together.  Pin all the way around, and then sew a 1/2" seam allowance along the left, right, and bottom side. Leaving the top completely open. (Diagram 6)

Once you have sewn around your exterior pieces, press your seams OPEN.  This will help with bulk! 

Step 4: Creating the Gussets (making the boxed corners)

With your bag exterior wrong sides out, open up your bottom corner.  Match the sides seams with the bottom seam of your bag, so that you form a triangle.  Press it flat.

With a ruler mark 2.5" from the corner and mark a line straight across.  Sew along this marked line, making sure you back stitch.

Do this to both corners of the exterior of your bag.

Carefully cut the excess fabric off, leaving a 1/4" of fabric from the seam.

Step 5: Making the lining.

Place your two lining pieces right sides together.  Pin to secure.  Sew along the left, right, and bottom sides--leave about a 4" opening along the bottom of your lining!!! 

Press your seams open.

Create your gussets.  Following the exact same instructions in step 4, you will make your gussets in you lining piece as well.

Step 6: Attaching your handles.

Fold the left and right sides of your handle piece in 1.5" and press.

Then fold over again and press.

Now stitch along both sides of your handle with an 1/8" seam.

Place your handle 2" from the left and right seams on your exterior piece.  Pin into place, and then sew them on using a 1/4" seam.  Do this to both sides of your bag.  Being careful that your handles are not twisted.

Step 7: Final Assembly

Place the exterior (right sides out) of your bag INSIDE the lining of your bag (the lining is wrong sides out) Tuck your handles in-between the two layers.

Line up the seams on either side and pin all the way around the opening of the bag.  Then sew all the way around the top of your bag using a 5/8" seam.

Now you will use the opening you left on your lining and turn the bag right side out.  Next you will sew the opening of your lining shut.  You can hand sew it shut, or just quickly sew it with your sewing machine.

Tuck your lining inside your bag and then you will top stitch along the top of your bag using a 1/2 seam.

And that's all there is to it! You have yourself a Six Pocket Tote! :)

If you want the instructions to print off, I made this handy dandy PDF file! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Talk to you soon,


Aunt Mimi said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I wanted to downsize my purse AGAIN! I also wanted to make one for my cousin & a sister but can't find my favorite pattern. So this one is PERFECT. I have notes for lots of different places too! My largest is the one I take for infusions. So thank you again.

gpc said...

Love the tote and love love LOVE the fabric! Thank you!

Missy Shay said...

I love this bag, I will have to make one for school! (I'm a teacher). The fabrics you chose are great too!

Pamela said...

Thank you so much for the pattern and tutorial on this lovely tote! Appreciate it very much!

Unknown said...

Cute tote!! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for tomorrow evening that links to your tutorial:

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Just lovely :)

Jennifer Price said...

I'm almost done making this, but I'm confused about the handles. Do I need to use interfacing because the picture of your handles don't look like they have any. Is the interfacing just to make the handle thicker?

Lindsey said...

Hi Jennifer - I did use interfacing for the handles -- a thin one...but you could do it without! It's up to you! I prefer interfacing as it gives a more sturdy feeling!


Anonymous said...

Great design, beautiful fabric!
Thank you

Unknown said...

I'm in the middle of making this tote,is there a way to easily put a zipper at the top?

Lindsey said...

Hi Sue,

I haven't attempted to put a zipper at the top of a tote yet! I am definitely looking into making a tote like that in the future, and I will be sure to post a tutorial when I do! :)


Unknown said...

I made this with a recessed zipper in it from another tutorial I found.I want to post a picture of it but I can't find out how to post it it here.

Lindsey said...

Hi Sue! I would love to see a picture! You can send one to: lindsey@fortworthfabricstudio.com


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