Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mystery Project #1 {St. Patty's Day Pinwheels}

Hi there! It's here! Our first Mystery Project! I am super excited about this fun series! :)  I hope you enjoy the three projects I am going to share with you throughout our first Mystery Project series! 

If you are new around here, then you need to know that I have an obsession with pinwheels.  I really love them.  They seem to find a place in a lot of my quilts. :)

So when I was playing around with quilt designs not too long ago, I knew I wanted to make a mini quilt with these fun pinwheels!   So the first Mystery Project I am sharing today is this fun St. Patty's Day Pinwheel mini quilt. 

St. Patrick's Day Quilt
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I had a lot of fun making this little quilt.  The blocks come together easily, and since there are only nine of them, it didn't take too long to stitch them all up!   The great thing about this fun mini quilt, is that you could use this as a cute table topper in your kitchen, or you can hang it on the wall or from a cute shelf, and it would look so cute and festive! I haven't decided where I am going to put mine yet, but I am thinking it will be going on my quilt shelf in my kitchen. :) I will have to take a picture when I put it up for St. Patrick's Day.  :)

St. Patrick's Day Quilt
St. Patty's Day Pinwheels 22" x 22"

I hope you are ready to make some pinwheels! Grab your Mystery Bundle, and let's get started!

I have numbered the prints, so you can see exactly what prints I have used where, so I hope this makes it a bit easier for you.

*Read all instructions before starting.  Seam allowances are all 1/4", unless otherwise stated.


4 1/4" squares from the following prints (You will cut all of these into four triangles)

  • 2 - from print 3
  • 2 - from print 6
  • 2 - from print 2
  • 1 - from print 1
  • 1 - from print 4
  • 1 - from print 5
From the background fabric (Print 8)

  • 9 - 4 1/4" squares (all cut into four triangles)
  • 18 - 3  7/8" squares (all cut into two triangles)
For the border (print 7):
  • 2 - 2.5" x width of fabric strips
For the binding (print 6):
  • 3 - 2.5" x width of fabric strips
Backing ( print 7) :
  • 26" x 26" piece

Block Instructions:

  • For one block you will need the following pieces:

Tip: When working with these blocks, I found it easier to have them laid it exactly how they needed to look.  So I laid my blocks out on my design boards, and stitched them together one at a time.  But please do whatever works for you! 

Step 1:  Take a small green triangle and a small background triangle and place them right sides together and sew.  Press.  I pressed mine towards the green. You will do this to all of the small green and background triangles.  

Step 2: Now sew your larger triangles to each of your small triangle units.  Place the large triangle right sides together with one of your smaller triangle units.  You will sew along the longest side.  Do this to all four of your large triangle units. 

Step 3: Sew your squares, into pairs.  Then sew your pairs together to make one block.  You will want to press your seams open, so the center is not so bulky!

Block will measure 6.5" uninished

 Step 4: Layout your blocks in a 3 x 3 grid:

Step 5: Sew your blocks into rows of three:

Step 6: Then sew your rows together: Press!

Step 7: Add your borders.  I only needed to use two full width of fabric strips for my borders, because I pieced them.  I wanted to make sure I had plenty of fabric left over for my other two projects! :) 

Measure how long your quilt top is and then add a 2.5" x length of quilt strip to the left and right side:

Step 8: Measure the width of your quilt top and then add a 2.5" x width of quilt strip to the top and bottom. 

Quilt measures: 22" x 22"
Now you are ready to baste, quilt and bind your quilt.  I used print 6 for my binding. 

St. Patrick's Day Quilt

I love how it turned out! I really can't wait to hang this up for St. Patrick's Day!  Check back next week for Mystery Project #2! 

Talk to you soon,


Needled Mom said...

That is so cute. I love pinwheels too.

Anonymous said...

Very cute. I have a question about the second picture in step 1. Does the black line indicate the sewing line? If so, shouldn't it be the two edges of the triangles shown at the bottom of the picture?

Lindsey said...

The black line does indicated the sewing line. You have to sew the two small triangles first, so you can sew the larger triangle to each of the smaller triangle units. I'm sure you could do it another way, but this is how I pieced mine together. I hope this answers your question. :)


SuperMomNoCape said...

Oh how pretty! Hmmm... I wonder if I can come up with enough greens in my stash to make this project. Thanks so much for the tutorial on how to make it.

sylvie jourdan said...

I receive my mystery bundle to day and I am very happy with the colors of the fabrics.
I'll make this pretty quilt as soon as possible.Thanks for the tutorial.

Diane said...

The photos in Step 2 and 3 do not appear to be the same. In Step 2 you add the larger triangles to the sides of the pinwheel (like a square in a square). However, the orientation does not look the same in the next step...

Carol said...

I like how you pieced triangle units to make the square and then sewed the squares together. It makes a neater point in center.

Thanks for sharing,

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