Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mug Rug Swap Show and Tell!

Hi swap friends!  I hope you all have enjoyed participating in the Spring Mug Rug Swap! I have had  a lot of fun being the hostess, and have enjoyed seeing everyones pictures on Instagram (#fwfsmugrugswap) and also the one's that have emailed me! :) You are all so talented!

I sent out emails to those of you that I have not heard from! Please let me know if you've received your mug rug! If you sent your mug rug late, please shoot me an email so I can let your partner know! I know we have some international friends, so some of you may get yours a little later.

Please add your pictures OF THE MUR RUG YOU RECEIVED to the link up! You do not have to have a blog to add a link up or a URL! Just upload the picture!  *The link up will be open until April 1.

Here is a little tutorial on how to add a picture (if you don't have a blog or don't know how) You can also upload from Instagram if you would like! :)

1. Click on the little blue button: **IT WILL BE LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST**

2. Now place YOUR NAME in the place that says *Link Title.  Also add your email address.  ***you do NOT have to insert a link of your picture..this is only if you have a blog!

3. Scroll down and you will see this box: You will click on the section that says "Upload"

4.  Click on the place that says upload file.  Find the file of the picture of the mug rug YOU RECEIVED!!!

5. Once it has uploaded, hit SELECT:

6. Now you can click DONE
7. It will take you to this screen, now click "TAKE ME BACK TO THE LINKUP"

If you are having problems, then please email me the picture ( lindsey@fortworthfabricstudio.com )  and I will do it for you!

I have had several of you email me pictures already, so I have added them already!

Thanks everyone again for participating! Can't wait to see all the mug rugs! :)


Dorothée said...

Lindsey, it was a fabulous experience. Wonderful idea; Thaks a lot for having hosted this swap !!
Kind regards from France

ShirleyC said...

Everyone has done a great job! I hope the one I sent gets posted soon.

Karen Ackva said...

Thank you Lindsey for organizing this very large swap! I really enjoyed it! Thank you fellow swap partners for your mug rugs and care packages! ;-)

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