Monday, May 25, 2015

Easy Patchwork Placemats

Hi, I'm Heather from Quilts Actually, and I blog at QA Creations.  This month I'm here to share a very quick and easy way brighten up your table!

This project is great for any fat eight sets, 1/4 yard cuts, or fat quarters that you love and want to use. Fort Worth Fabric Studio has tons of great bundle options that you can choose from to make your own set of placemats.

Finished size: 12" x 16" (Makes 4 placemats)

Backing: 1 yard Up Parasol Green Mum Toss Free Spirit
Binding: 1/2 yard Paradiso Floral Utopia Hibiscus Pink Moda


Cut a total of 48 - 4.5" squares from the fat quarter fabrics and the binding fabric.  Cut 6 WOF strips at your preferred binding width (I used 2.5 inches) to prepare to bind.


Sew the 4.5 inch squares together into pairs.  You will have 24 total set of pairs.  Do not press yet.

Next, use your design wall or a tabletop to arrange the pairs how you want them as placemats.  Each placemat uses 12 total squares arranged in a 3 high by 4 wide design.  Laying them out at this point allows you to arrange them for a controlled scrappy design.

You can tell my daughter was helping - her play food is out and ready for the placemats to be finished!

Next, sew the horizontal rows together.  Lay them back out to make sure nothing got switched, and then press.  

Press each row as shown in the diagram.  It doesn't really matter which row goes which way, as long as you are consistent.  By pressing each row opposite the next row, you can interlock the seams as you sew the rows together and get those nicely aligned intersections.  

Next, sew the rows together, and press.  Once you have all three rows sewn together, you have your placemat!

You can use the directions from the Learn to Quilt series here on the blog to make your quilt sandwich, and then quilt as desired.  

I used a light pink thread and an all over feathery design to keep the overall effect of the quilting soft, yet even so that they will wash well.

Once you have quilted the placemat, square it up.  Binding will be your final step, and then you are ready to admire your work!

If you make these placemats, please share a photo with Lindsey at or on Instagram using the hashtag #sewingwithfwfabricstudio.


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Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

So pretty!

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