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Shimmer Braid QAL Tutorial 5

Hello, I'm Deana from Dreamworthy Quilts and welcome to the FIFTH & FINAL  tutorial for the Fort Worth Fabric Studio Shimmer Braid QAL.  The previous tutorials can be found at the links below:

It is FREE so come sew along!  

Here is what we are making.  It is 70" x 70" with adaptations for a queen sized quilt.

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Here is how the Queen size will look.  It is 86" x 96".  The final white border can be larger if desired.

As a reminder, Fort Worth Fabric Studio has a great linky party on Fridays where we would love to see your progress on this or any project you are working on.

Tutorial for Month 5

Click here for a pdf download of this pattern.

This month we will assemble the quilt.

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White Fabric
Cut (1)   6 ½” x 42” strip

Cut this Number
This size
Label it
From this strip cut the following:
2” x 6 ½”
2 x 6 ½
3 ½” x 6 ½”
3 ½ x 6 ½
5” x 6 ½”
5 x 6 ½

Note:  the other white fabric pieces were cut in previous months.  You may need to locate them.  You will also need to locate your black or grey “sashing” strips cut in Month 4.

If you are making the queen sized quilt, cut the following borders.  You will not need them for the throw size.

White Fabric

Cut (4) 7” x 42” strips. Label them (Border 1, top & bottom)

Cut (4) 4 ½” x 42” strips.  Label them (Border 1 sides)

Cut (4) 6” x 42” strips.  Label them (Border 3 top & bottom)

Cut (4) 3 ½” x 42” strips.   Label them (Border 3 sides)

Purple Fabric (or whatever color you choose)

Cut 1 ½” strips from a variety of what is left over from your fat 
quarters.  You will need approximately 20 strips. Label them 

“border 2”.
Quilt Assembly Instructions

  1.  Make (4) units like the one shown below.  It has (2) log cabin blocks in the center and (2) curved log cabin blocks on the ends.

    2.  Make (4) units like the one shown below.  It has (2) curved log cabin blocks in the middle and white 7 ½” squares on the ends.  

    3.  Sew the rows together as shown below.

    4.  Sew a unit completed in step 3 between two corner braid units made in last month’s tutorial.  There will be a big gap where a row is missing at the top.  We will add that soon and finish the unfinished seam.

    MAKE 2 of these units.

    5.  This is how they will look.  

    6.  Now add the remaining units completed in step 3 to the sides as shown by the red ovals in the diagram below.  You will have a big hole in the middle of the quilt.  Remember, you should have 4 partial seams as indicated by the orange ovals.

    7.  Join together a white 2” x 6 ½” rectangle to the end of a black or grey 2” x 11 ½” rectangle.  Make 4. 

    8.  Join the units completed in step 6 above to the top and bottom  of (2) of the purple pointed braids.

    NOTE:  if you are using two different greys, place the same grey on the tops of both blocks and the same grey on the bottoms of both blocks.

  9.  Join these units together with the center block in the middle as shown below.

  10.  Join a white 3 ½” x 6 ½” rectangle to the top of four narrow log cabins made in month 1.  Note that the two on the left are the same and the two on the right are opposite of those on the left.

    11.  Join the units completed in step 9 to the star block units as shown.  They are placed in the diagram in the same arrangement they will be in the quilt such as top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. This information is helpful if you are using two different greys that end up kitty corner.

    12.  Join a 5” x 6 ½” white rectangle to the side of the log cabin   block as shown.  Make 2 like the one on the left and 2 like the one on the right.

    13.  Add a black or grey 1 ½” x 12” strip to the top as shown.     Make 2 like the one on the left and 2 like the one on the right.  The ones on the left will be placed in the top right and the bottom left corners so pick the grey that matches accordingly.  The ones on the right will end up in the top left and the bottom right corners.

    14.  Join together a curved log cabin next to the log cabin unit completed in step 12..  Make 2 like the one on the right and 2 like the one on the left.

    15.  Join together the units from steps 14 and 11 as shown below.  Make 2 like the one on the left and 2 like the one on the right.

    16.  Add a braid unit between them.

    17.  Join the whole center together by sewing the center braids unit to the middle of both newly completed units.

    18.  Fill up the hole by sewing the center at the SIDE seams first.

    19.  Finally, finish the seams at the top and bottom.


    20.  Add the borders as they are labeled.  The first border will be white with 4 ½” strips on the sides and 7” strips at the top and bottom.  The second border is made from 1 ½” multi-fabric strips.  The final border  is white with 3 ½” side borders and 6” top and bottom border strips.

Click here to download the PDF 


Jeanie said...

I just wanted to say that although I'm not sewing along....this is one of the most beautiful patterns that I've ever seen! Just love it!

Rina Mason said...

Just wanted to let you know that this is so beautiful that my cousin, who lives 1400 miles away and isn't even a quilter saw it and asked if I could make her one. AFTER I get mine done!

Jackie said...

This quilt is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing....

Unknown said...

The quilt is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I hope to make this one. The colors are absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

3 thru 5 aren't showing up I had started the download.. love this quilt and want the rest ..Thank you for such a beautiful quilt

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