Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Christmas in July {Tie Tutorial}

Hi there! Today we have Polly sharing these fantastic Christmas Tie's! How great are these?! Be sure to check out Polly's blog for more great ideas and tutorials! :)

I'm Polly and I blog at Pieces by Polly.  I'm happy to be here with Fort Worth Fabric Studio to share these fun Christmas ties.  I realized a while ago that things get really crazy close to Christmas, so I need to get all my Christmas sewing done early.

Over 15 years ago, I made my husband a Christmas poinsettia tie, and it's been one of his most commented on and complimented ties over the years.  That old tie is pretty worn out and needed an update and of course the boys love to match their dad.

I fell in love with the Christmas Splendor Poinsettias by Color Principle for Henry Glass.  The fabric is perfect for ties because it's super festive without being cheesy or irreverent, and gold metallic highlights are gorgeous.  Cotton ties are especially good for little boys because they're completely washable.

I used a an old store bought pattern for my husband's tie, but drafted my own pattern for the boys' ties because theirs use button-hole elastic, instead of actually tying around their necks...much for comfy for the little ones.

In addition to your fabric, you'll also want to get some fusible interfacing to help give the ties some extra structure and keep their shape.  I used Structure 1-Sided Interfacing from Fairfield.  (Disclaimer: I work for Fairfield on an ongoing basis and am compensated and supplied with product, but I use their products in so many of my projects because they are really wonderful.  All opinions on their products are my own.)


Print and assemble your Pattern Pieces.  The pieces will likely be longer than you need, so once you've taped the main tie pieces together, hold them up to your child.  Fold down the extra.  You want it go from their neck to about 1 inch below their waist (ignoring that extra pointy part at the bottom of the pattern.)  It also doesn't hurt to add an extra inch or two if you really want it to fit him a long time.

Arrange your pattern pieces to cut them out on the bias.  This means that they will be cut out diagonal to the sides of your fabric.  In a pinch when you're short of fabric to cut it on the bias, you can cut it out straight, but it will look more polished on the bias.

Fold the bottom tip up and sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  This will give us the bottom tip of our tie.  Clip the corner, so it will lay flat.  Turn it right side out.

Fold your tie exactly in half.  If it is at all uneven, trim.

 Fold in half with RIGHT SIDES together.  Pin.

Sew with 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Turn right side out.

Cut out your interfacing piece.

Insert into your tie with the fusible side toward the FRONT of the tie.

Tuck the last bit inside the tip of the tie.

 Being sure that both sides of the tie are equal, ironing well to use the interfacing to your tie.

Now we'll work on the "knot" part of the tie.  Take your rectangle and fold it in half "hotdog" style with RIGHT sides together.  Pin and stitch with 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Turn so the same is in the middle and iron open.

Turn right side out.

Use the dotted lines on the pattern piece as a guide to trim the sides of your knot.

Fold your knot so the ends overlap.

Add your tie to the back, with the front of the tie facing you.

Stitch with 1/4 inch seam allowance.
Bring the tie around the back and down through the "knot."  Pull secure, but not too tight.

Add button hole elastic just under the main tie part before it goes through the "knot."

Sew a button to one end of your elastic and trim any access elastic, leaving a couple extra button holes for room to grow.

And you're done!

I want to thank Polly for stopping by and sharing this awesome tutorial! You can find Polly:


Needled Mom said...

That is so cute! I think I need to make a few for the little ones here.

Brandy said...

So amazing! I shall have to ask my husband if he'd like one, and maybe see if he'll even wear it!

Debbie said...

So cool! Back in the 1970s I made a Christmas tie for my Dad & he LOVED it. He couldn't wait til he'd be able to wear it each year...even before Christmas. When Dad died, we buried him with his favorite seemed fitting as he died just before Thanksgiving & that's the start of the Christmas season, right? Thanks for the memories.

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