Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fall Table Runner

Hi there! Today we are kicking off a fun Halloween/Fall series! We have several awesome guests stopping by to share their Halloween and Fall creations! :) 

August 19 :: Lindsey - Fort Worth Fabric Studio
August 26 :: - Anne Henrie 
September 2 :: - Melanie
September 9 :: Jayne - Twiggy and Opal
September 16 :: Trina - Will Cook for Shoes
September 22 :: Nettie

I am starting things off with this very simple Ruffled Table Runner with Appliquéd Pumpkins!

This is a simple project, that uses Toweling for the main part of the runner!  I appliquéd some fun fall pumpkins onto the toweling, to give it a fun fall vibe!  

The fabric I used for my ruffle is this darling floral from Autumn Elegance.  I absolutely adore the vibrancy and saturated hues of this print! It has some bits of turquoise in it -- that just pops! 


Toweling - get enough yardage for the length of your table! (measure the length of your table then add about 6" 
1 yard of coordinating fabric 
3-4 fat quarters of oranges -
1 quarter yard cut of brown
1 quarter yard cut of green
Pattern 1 & Pattern 2


1. I just followed this simple tutorial to make the ruffle part of the runner! I used this same tutorial to make my Christmas Runner last year!

2. Print out pattern 1 and pattern 2 - and cut out your pumpkins.

3. Iron your fusible web onto your fabrics (according to package directions), then trace your pumpkins out onto the back of your fusible web.  Cut out your pieces.

4. Lay your pieces onto your toweling, arrange them however you like them, and then iron them on (according to package directions).

5.  Now stitch them down to secure! That's it!

I made this cute little runner for my entry table, and whipped up some pillows to finish the look! You know me and pillows---I really have a problem! It took everything I had to not go into our shed and bring in my boxes of fall decor!  I figured getting everything out in the middle of August was a bit too early, but mark my words---I will be getting it out September 1st! ;)  I can't wait!

Isn't this little fellow darling?! I have found a new obsession--making fabric pumpkins! I dare you to make one! Once you start, you won't want to stop! I plan on having a big ol' basket full of these cuties by the time September 1st comes around! :)

Talk to you soon,


Needled Mom said...

Very festive and cute. It's hard to imagine fall arriving so quickly.

Linda said...

Love all three of these projects. Can I find the instructions for the fabric pumpkin and the pumpkin pillow anywhere? Love everything you do!

allthingzsewn said...

Me too! Me too! I like the runner also, but the ruffle looks a little heavy. I don't know if it the color or the length. I think I'll try it with tiny orange gingham. Thanks for the ideas. and maybe the pattern for the pillow and pumpkin?

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the kind comments!

You can find the Appliqué Pillow -->>

You can find the pumpkin tutorial --->

Hope this helps! :)

Linda said...

thank you so much Lindsey!

Monica said...

Thanks for sharing..with reading your post and opening my windows this evening for the first time this summer (in Texas!) it is putting me in the fall spirit! :)

Unknown said...

What nice of you to share those fun halloween goodies. Great ideas.

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