Thursday, September 17, 2015

Vintage Market Quiet Book {Page 2}

Hi there!  Cherise is back to share the next page in this adorable Vintage Market Quiet Book! She will be here for the next several weeks sharing the details of each page in the Quiet Book!

We hope you will follow along each week and if you decide you want to make one too - please use the hashtag #sewingwithfwfabricstudio on Instagram so we can see!

Part 1 : HERE
Vintage Market Fabric: HERE

Hi everyone,

I'm excited to be back and continue on with making our Quiet Book Pages. Last time we made a plan and then actually made Page 1 already! Here's what Page looked like:

Now we're onto Page 2 today so here goes.....

Step 3:  Making Page 2- Velcro Balloons Page

I wanted Page 2 to be balloon page that a child could match by color. I think the Riding Bicycles fabric is perfect for this page because I think that balloons coming off the ends of the bike floating behind the girls is so cute!
Cut 1 8 ½” Lx 8 ¾” rectangle, fussy cutting at least 3 girls with bicycles onto the page. I chose to do four balloons on this page but you can do as many as you have different colored fabric for.

Draw a template of a balloon and cut it out. Trace around the balloon onto your fusible web. Trace two balloons for each balloon you will have- I had four balloons so I traced 8 balloons onto my fusible web. Cut fusible web into four pieces with each piece having two balloons on it.  Iron each piece of fusible web onto the back of the fabric- with four different fabrics each having two balloon pieces ironed on.

 Cut out the balloons from the fabric- you should have 8 balloons, two balloons of each color.  Take one balloon of each color and arrange it onto the page as you like. I did two balloons for one bicycle and one balloon each for the other bicycles. Peel the fusible web backing off each balloon and fuse it onto the fabric where you want it to go.  Applique around the edge of each balloon in coordinating thread.

Take your balloon template and trace 8 balloons onto the felt- two balloon felt pieces for each balloon. Take the other fabric/fusible web balloon pieces and peel the fusible web and iron the fabric/fusible web balloon piece onto one piece of felt.  You should have 4 fabric/felt balloons and 4 plain felt balloons. Cut 4 pieces of sew-in Velcro, one for each balloon.  Take the felt balloon piece that doesn’t have the fabric attached to it and sew one half of the piece of Velcro onto it.  In the picture you can see the back of one felt balloon piece with the Velcro to the outside and what it looks like if you turn it over. Do this for all four pieces of Velcro.

Cut 4 pieces of ribbon- longer than what you will need because you can cut some off later once you’ve sewn it to the page. On the balloon piece of felt that has the Velcro attached, sew the ribbon to the tail of the balloon, sewing it on the OPPOSITE side of the side that the Velcro is on.

Sew one balloon felt piece with the Velcro to the corresponding felt balloon piece with fabric. Make sure the Velcro is on the underside of the balloon with the ribbon sandwiched between the two balloon pieces.  You should have 4 balloons with ribbons and Velcro on the underside. Take your ribbon tail and sew it on the underseat of the bike, sewing over it several times to secure it well (kids love to tug on these balloon pieces). Cut off any extra. You can leave it like that or make little bows and sew them overtop of where you sewed the ribbon to cover the end of the ribbon tail like I did.

Set aside this page for now- Do not sew the other piece of Velcro to the appliqued balloons yet- we will do that later. Yay! You’re done your 2nd page for now!

So now we're rolling along in our quiet book and I hope it's all making sense so far! Next time we'll being doing Page 3 of our quiet book! Here's some inspirational pictures of my daughter enjoying her book!

Until next time, enjoy!


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Lesley Gilbert said...

Thank you for this tutorial. I was so happy to see your first post last week, as I had been collecting photos to give me ideas of what I could sew onto each page. As soon as I have the time, I want to make 2 books for my niece's twin daughter's, for Christmas :)

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