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Finishing the Vintage Market Quiet Book

Hi there!  Cherise is back to finish up the Vintage Quiet Book! Yay! So, I got mixed up on last week's post, and failed to share page six of the quiet book - so you can find that page along with last week's post right HERE! 

I want to thank Cherise for all her hard work she put into making this Quiet Book and sharing the tutorials with us! This has definitley inspired me to make a new quiet book for my kiddos! :) Thanks again Cherise! 

Part 1 : HERE
Part 2: HERE
Part 3: HERE
Part 4: HERE
Part 5: HERE

Part 6 & 7 HERE Vintage Market Fabric: HERE

Hi everyone!

I so excited that the day has come when we can go ahead and finish our quiet books! I hope it's been a fun journey for you and also improved some of your sewing skills! I know that once I was done this book I was a lot better at applique than I was when I started!

Last week we did Page 6 and put finished all those things on our pages that we had saved until the end!

Today, we're going to make our closure piece, sew these pages together to make our book and add our finishing touches!

Step 13: Making the closure piece of the quiet book
There are many ways to make a closure for a quiet book but I decided that a simple strip of fabric with snaps to close the book was what I wanted to use. Cut two pieces of fabric 2 ½” L x 4” W each. Cut the same size pieces out of heavyweight fusible interfacing. You should have 4 pieces.
Iron on your fusible interfacing to the back side of your strip of fabric- do this for both pieces. Now place your two pieces right sides together and, starting at a long edge, sew a ¼” seam around 3 sides of your piece. Leave 1 short edge open to turn the fabric right side out through. Clip your corners and turn your fabric right side out. You can use a turning tool such as a crochet hook or chopstick if you have one available.

Take your closure piece and line up the raw edge of closure piece with the raw edge of the left side of the Back Cover page of your quiet book. Center your closure piece in the middle of the edge of the page. Baste the closure piece to the back cover using a 1/8” seam. Leave this for now.

Step 14: Sewing the page units together
 We have 4 page units backed with fusible fleece or batting. Now we are going to sew these page units together!
Lay out the Back Cover/Front Cover unit with the fabric side facing up, fleece/batting side down. Now take your Page 1/Page 6 unit and place it FABRIC side down on top of the Back/Front cover unit so that the right sides are together. Pin around the edges of the quiet page matching up that center seam. Leave a 4-5” gap open on the bottom edge of the page where we can turn the page right side out through. Sew around all edges of the page using a ¼” seam allowance leaving that 4-5”gap open for turning.

Clip your corners and turn the page right side out through your opening. Once you’ve turned it right side out then turn your seam allowances to the inside of the page where your opening is and pin that shut.
Using a 1/8” seam allowance top stitch around all sides of the page. This will close your opening.

Repeat this same process for Page 5-2 unit and Page 3-4 unit. This is what it will look like when both pages are done.
Now you will have 2 page units that are double sided with quiet book pages.
To sew these pages together place the Back cover/Front cover/ Page 1/6 page unit and lay it with the Front and Back cover side facing down and  the pages 1 and 6 side facing upwards. Now take your Page 2/5- Page 3/4 page unit and place on top of the other page unit with Pages 2&5 facing down (right sides together with Pages 1&6) and pages 3 &4 facing upwards towards you.  It should look like this picture, with the Front/Back cover/Page 1&6 unit underneath the Pages 2&5/Pages 3&4 unit.

Line up your middle seams and sew a line 1/8” from your middle seam down the middle of the book. Sew another seam on top of the one you just sewed to secure it. Now sew another seam down the middle of your book 1/8” from the other side of your middle seam. Sew this seam again to secure it.  These are VERY bulky seams so I used a jean needle to sew through this seam as you are sewing through a lot of layers of fabric!

Yay! You’ve created the ‘spine’ of your quiet book and sewed all your pages together to create a book! Take a look through all your pages- it looks fantastic! :)

Step 15: Adding the fine details!
At this point you’re almost done!
I used snaps on the closure of my quiet book to close it so sew those on or use a button if you want. I did sew a button on the closure but it’s purely decorative as I used snaps for mine.

I also added buttons on certain pages just to embellish them and you can do that or add any other embellishments that you like! I love those chevron buttons I bought from FWFS so I used those throughout my quiet book.  Please note that children under the age of three should not be having buttons as they are a choking hazard. Use snaps whenever possible!

YOU ARE DONE!! Wow! That took a while but I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and enjoy the finished product as much as my kids and I do! I would love to see your creations if anyone does sew this Quiet book using this tutorial! Comment on the blog posts or tag me on instagram @cherisetower. Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions!

Here’s my baby playing with it- she loves it!! (She’s obviously not over 3 years old so I have to watch her like a hawk around those buttons because she does like to pick them off- I should take my own advice, eh? :)

Thank you so much to Fort Worth Fabric Studio for sponsoring this tutorial! I really enjoyed doing this series for all of you!
Happy sewing!


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