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Vintage Market Quiet Book {Page 5}

Hi there!  Cherise is back to share the next page in this adorable Vintage Market Quiet Book! She will be here for the next several weeks sharing the details of each page in the Quiet Book!

We hope you will follow along each week and if you decide you want to make one too - please use the hashtag #sewingwithfwfabricstudio on Instagram so we can see!

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Vintage Market Fabric: HERE

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to making our quiet book- we`re over halfway done by now!! You can already see that this is not a quick and easy project but it is so fulfilling to see that the time and effort we`re giving this is turning into beautiful quiet book pages!

Last week we did our Basket page with a zipper and hopefully that turned out well for all of you!

This week we are moving onto our Shapes with Velcro page! I choose to go with Velcro for this page because it`s easier for my little daughter to do Velcro instead of snaps but you could go with snaps if you want to.

Here we go!

Step # 6- Making Page 5- Shapes page
 I knew I wanted to have a page where my little one could learn shapes. This was the most difficult page because I had to be creative in order to find different shapes in the fabric but I did find them! I decided to use the part main fabric that had two tents- one ‘Homemade Jam’ tent and one ‘Vintage sign’ tent with the suitcases in there too. This is what I needed to make my shapes.  

Cut 1 8 ½” L x 8 ¾” W rectangle, fussy cutting the two tents and suitcases centered in the rectangle.

Draw a template of a circle, square, rectangle and triangle onto a piece of paper and cut out.  I thought that the suitcases looked like a triangle shape so that would be my triangle; the ‘Homemade Jam’ stand sign looked like a rectangle; the sewing machine looked like a square; and I decided I’d make those two strawberries above the tents look like my circle. So take your templates and place them over top of areas that I mentioned above.
Take your air/water erasable marker and draw around these templates so that you can see the outline of the shape around the picture in the fabric. Using brightly colored thread sew on the line that you marked with your marker so you can see the shape around the picture (ignore the Velcro already sewn in the picture). Do this for all four shapes.

Take your felt and using your template, draw the shapes onto the felt at least 1/8” – ¼” bigger than the template itself.  Cut 2 pieces of felt per shape.

Take your templates and find the same pictures in your main fabric scraps that mirror the pictures of the shapes on your quiet book page. For example, I found the sewing machine on my main fabric scraps that I used for the square and traced the template around it.

Cut out those shapes and use fusible web to attach them to your felt shapes. You should have one felt shape with a picture and one felt shape without a picture for each shape you’re doing. Now the pictures on the felt shapes mirror the pictures that are the shapes on your quiet page (ignore the Velcro in this picture).
Take some sew in Velcro and cut it up into pieces so that you can use Velcro to attach your shapes to the page.  For the triangle I did three pieces, one for each side, and for the square and rectangle I did just two pieces for two sides of the felt shapes. For the circle I did two pieces, one for the top and bottom of the circle. Sew one half of the Velcro strips on to the plain Velcro shapes. In the picture you can see how I placed my Velcro strips so I could attach them to the page.

 Take your shapes and put the corresponding felt/Velcro shape with the corresponding fabric/felt shape and sew these two together making sure the Velcro is on the underside of the shape. I sewed just inside the fabric edges, securing the fabric to the felt. I left the fabric edges raw here but you could use a zig zag stitch to sew around the edges if you want. If you look closely in the picture you can see where I have stitched just around the inside of the fabric piece to join the fabric and felt pieces together. I did another line of stitching just inside the  felt edges of the triangle piece because the extra felt around the fabric shape was larger than the other pieces and I didn`t want those bigger felt sides separating.

Set aside these pages for now- do not sew the other half of the Velcro pieces to your main fabric page yet. Set aside your fabric/ felt shapes for now. Yay! You’re done page 5 for now!
That`s it for this week- let me know if you have any questions! Next week we're going to do some different things than what we've been doing so far so that'll be a fun change!
See you next week!

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