Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Aeroplane Bag {Adding a Pocket}

Hi there! Today Melanie is back to share how to add a pocket to your Aeroplane bag! You can find her first post HERE!

Hello again! I'm excited to show you how you can easily add an exterior pocket to your Aeroplane bag. 

Let's begin:

1. After you have finished pattern step 7, measure the distance between your straps (BEFORE you sew them on).

2. Take the distance between the straps and add 1 inch (this will allow you to cover the pocket sides under the straps. Example my distance was 9.5" so I want to cut my pocket width 10.5".

3. Now determine how tall you would like your pocket. I decided to make mine 7 inches so it would match the sewing height on the straps. I wanted my pocket to be lined so I doubled this number to 14 inches.

4. Cut pocket. Mine was 10.5" x 14"

5. Fold pocket in half and press. Then top stitch along fold. You may stitch around all sides if you desire, but it is not necessary as you will be enclosing your pocket under the straps.

6. Line cut edge of pocket along bottom edge of exterior panel A. Then lay straps on top and begin to topstitch, which adheres the straps and pocket to bag at the same time.
Tip: I used a fabric glue stick to adhere my pocket and straps before topstitching so my fabric would not move. You could use pins if you prefer.

Now you are all set to make an exterior pocket for your Aeroplane bag. I hope this tutorial is helpful! Let me know if you have questions.


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