Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hanging Organizer Tutorial

Today we have Jayne from Twiggy and Opal sharing this super cool and functional organizer with us! 

I'm excited to share my latest tutorial with you! I love to organize! Finding new, efficient and creative ways to make the 'chaos' not so chaotic is a never ending job! My space is limited, so I have to be smart about it! And frankly, the inside of my supply closet door is (or was) frightful mess! What I came up with is a Hanging Organizer! It's perfect for quilting tools & supplies, but certainly could be used for any number of things!

Fort Worth Fabric Studio has put together a kit of all the fabrics I used for this organizer.  You can purchase it HERE! 

Finished Size: 18" x  28"

Fabric Requirements:
  • 1 Yard - Backing (Organizer Back)
  • 3 - Assorted Fat Quarters (Pockets) 
  • 1/4 Yard - Binding 
  • 1/4 Yard - Clear Vinyl

You will also need:

Backing: 2 - 19" x 29" 
Fabric Pockets: Interfacing: 1 - 10" x 18" 1 - 5" x 18" 1 - 14" x 18" 1 - 7" x 18" 1 - 18" x 18" 1 - 9" x 18" Vinyl Pockets: Vinyl Pocket Binding: 1 - 4" x 18" 3 - 2 1/4" x 18" 1 - 5" x 18" 1 - 7" x 18" Binding Pocket Bottom: 2 - 2" x 18"

***Helpful Hints*** When working with clear vinyl it's important to increase your stitch length, do not use pins and keep it away from the iron! It isn't hard sewing with vinyl, but it can be slippery. Take your time, go slow!

Step 1. Cut two (2) 19" x 29" pieces, make a quilt sandwich and quilt as desired. Trim your quilted back to 18" x 28". Quilting will give extra stability to the back panel. Set aside.
Step 2. Fold and press each of the three (3) fabrics for the pockets. 

Step 3. Fuse interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric, lining up at the fold. Top stitch 1/4" across top. 5" x 18" folded - use - 5" x 18" interfacing 7" x 18" folded - use - 7" x 18" interfacing 9" x 18" folded - use - 9" x 18" interfacing
Step 4. I use a permanent marker and ruler to measure my vinyl, and use non-fabric scissors to cut it.
Step 5. Press the two (2) 2 1/2" x 18" strips in half (binding). Stitch one (1) 2 1/2" x 18" binding (just like you do on quilts) to the top edge of each vinyl pocket using 1/4" seams. This is where your wonder clips come in! Fold the binding over the edge and clip across. You can see through the vinyl to the back where the binding has been folded. Using a longer stitch length, sew through the vinyl, catching the binding from the back. You'll have a perfect top stitch on the front! Step 6. Fold and press the two (2) 2" x 18" strips in half. With raw edges at the bottom, stack one (1) fabric pocket, (1) vinyl pocket and one (1) folded 2" x 18 strip. Clip together, sew 1/4" seam across the bottom.
Step 7. Using your wonder clips, clip the 9" x 18" fabric pocket and the 7" x 18" vinyl pocket to the bottom of the quilted backing. Stitch 1/8" around all three sides.
Step 8. Using the diagram below, measure and clip the sides of your pockets to the backing.
Step 9. Fold the binding on the pocket bottoms towards the bottom and backing. You can use pins to hold it down, just don't pin through the exposed vinyl pocket. Top stitch 1/8" across the top and bottom edges of the binding. Step 10. Mark your pocket widths. I used painters tape to make sure the lines were straight. Back stitch at the top and bottom of each section.
Here's a diagram for the widths that I used:
Step 11. For hanging, I went with a basic and very effective method. Corner triangles and ribbon tabs. The tutorial is available on my blog Twiggy & Opal: Hanging a Mini Quilt. Add your binding around the edges and it's ready to fill with treasures, tools and goodies! You can use your favorite hanging method, or even use grommets in the corners. Be aware that after your organizer if filled with can get heavy!

Clear vinyl is available at your local fabric craft store and on-line. If you find you haven't any options...a clear vinyl shower curtain would work perfectly. While I love the clear pockets on my organizer, you could substitute fabric instead. Customize your hanging organizer to your personal needs! You can easily change pocket sizes, width, depth or even the overall size! You can always find out what makes me tick by visiting my blog: Twiggy & Opal or find me on Instagram: twiggyandopal! Have fun and play with it!


Debbie said...

Love this! Sharing on my fb page... Thanks for the great tutorial Jayne!

Irina said...

Thank you!!! Great tutorial !!!

Jayne said...

Thank you FWFS for the chance to make a tutorial for you! You guys are the best!!

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