Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kid Pillowcases

Hi there! I have some fun pillowcases to share with you today!  My kids love getting new pillowcases! I try and make them new ones a couple of times a year.  It had been a while since I made them some and so I decided a couple of weeks ago I need to fix that asap! ;)

For Charlie, my 6 year old - I decided on dinosaurs!  He is absolutely obsessed with them right now and I knew he would just love this dinosaur print!

For Hannah, my oldest daughter - I decided on these lovely Garden Girl prints! She is out of the princess stage and has vetoed all "character" and princess things! So we went with his fun floral!

For Avie, my 4 year old - I did this princess theme pillowcase! She is all about anything princess and pink right now!

They all loved their new pillowcases, and Charlie has requested another dinosaur pillowcase for one of his other pillows.  :)  So I better get on that!

Talk to you soon,


Deborah said...

Those are very pretty pillowcases. I like the fabrics your chose.


Love those bright and fun pillowcases--of all the things I made and sewed for my kids--I never made pillowcases--darn--
but my son at 41 loves star wars--will keep my eyes out for some fabric for him--
might have to think a bit on the daughter, at age 48???
enjoy the moments, di

KaHolly said...

Fun, fun, fun! I just made four, myself!

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