Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Bundle Batch {Sooner or Later}

Hi there! We have a fun bundle of fabric to share with you today! I came up with a really easy and functional project for this bundle! Scroll down for the full tutorial! :)

Sooner or Later

This week's bundle uses pink & black coordinates with a cute clock print for the main focus!
You'll receive 8 Fat Quarters:
  1. Late for A Date Pink - Blend Fabrics
  2. Marble Swirls Jet - Moda
  3. Cotton Shades Carnation - Riley Blake
  4. Imagine White Plus's - Windham
  5. The Cat's Meow Pink Heart Swirl - Windham
  6. Botanical Beauty Smoke Script - Robert Kaufman
  7. Swiss Dots Hot Pink - Riley Blake
  8. Cotton Shades Phantom - Riley Blake

When I saw this bundle - I wanted to make something functional and cute! I came up with this simple bag/pouch especially to take your makeup on the go! 

I don't know about you - but I tend to just throw all my makeup and brushes into a large pouch when I am traveling and it is a big fat mess!  I wanted to make something that had special compartments for my brushes and a zip pouch for my makeup!  The great thing about this - is you can personalize it by making the makeup brush pockets small or big as you want!

If you decide that you don't need a makeup bag - then you can easily use this for an art bag - just make the brush compartments the size for colored pencils - and you are set!  You can put a small coloring book or sketch book in the zipper and you have a cute little art caddy!

 I pieced the front using the main print in the bundle! Those clocks are so much fun! I then had my binding fairy bind this for me!  This project has curved edges and so we used bias binding so it would go on smoothly!

Alright, let's get started.  Read ALL directions before starting! :) 


1 - 14" black zipper ( I actually like to buy my zippers like 14" and then cut them down to size) So this will seem a little big- but it will work out! :)


From clock print:
1 - 17" x 10" rectangle (for front panel)
1 - 3.5" x 10" strip (for front panel)

From Black Script print:
1 - 10" x 11 1/4" rectangle (line with SF01)
1 - 10" x 6" rectangle (line with SF01)

From black grunge:
1 - 9.5" x 10" piece (line with SF01)

From bright pink swirl:
2 - 10" x 10" squares (line with SF01)

From light pink: 
10" x 11 1/4" (line with SF01)

From black swirl: 
1- 2.5" x 10" strip (for front panel)
2.5" strips for binding (on the bias)

Take your 10" x 10" pink swirl squares - press them in half - wrong sides together. 

Place zipper pull side down and align on the top of the folded edge of one of your pink pieces.  Using a zipper foot, sew the zipper on (about a 1/4" in)

Fold over and press:

Take your other pink piece and place the fold side up and align the zipper at the top of your folded piece.  Sew on using a zipper foot:

Open up and press.  

Top stitch about 1/4" from the zipper on both sides:

Now place your zippered piece (zipper pull up) on top of your 9.5" x 10" black grunge piece (right side up)

And sew all the way around using a 1/4" seam allowance- making sure you backstitch a few times where your zipper is to secure.  Make sure you pull your zipper pull down so it's inside your stitch line.  Once you have secured, you can trim off the excess zipper tape. 

Take your 10" x 11 1/4" light pink piece and fold in half (wrong sides together) press and then top stitch the folded edge.  Now place on top of your 10" x 11 1/4" black script piece (right side up).

Pin into place. Using a fabric pen or pencil - mark lines where you want to make your makeup brush pockets - I did mine 1/2" wide - 2" wide on some of them.  This is a preference and also how big your brushes are.  So make sure you measure them before and see how wide to do your pockets. 

Now sew along those lines you just drew- backstitch at the top of the pocket to secure. 

Now you are ready to attach the pocket piece with your zippered piece:

Place right sides together and sew together using a 5/8" seam.  Press your seam open.  Top stitch along both sides of the seam - 1/4" from the seam.

Now take your 10" x 6" black script piece and fold in half lengthwise (wrong sides together) and press.  Then place it on top of your zippered piece and align the left edges (the folded edge is towards the zipper)  Sew along the left side with a 5/8" seam allowance.  Press seams open.

Now it's time to add your snaps.  Mark 6" up from the bottom and 1" over:

Place the flat disc so that your marking is in the middle of your circle.  Then MARK the two side pieces.  Remove the disc - then CAREFULLY using a seam ripper make a cut where your two outer markings are, so that you can push your snap through.  Do not cut where your center circle is.

Push your snap through:

Once you have pushed your snap through, place the disc on top and then fold over the edges over to secure:

Follow the exact same steps to do the other side:

Once you have your snaps in place - you are ready to piece your front panel.

Once you have it pieced  - LINE IT WITH YOUR FUSIBLE FLEECE.

Now place the inside of your bag (right side up) on top of your front panel (right side down) so they are wrong sides together and pin into place.  Then sew all the way round just to keep the layers together (about an 1/8") Then if you would like you can round your corners.  I just took a small bowl - and used that as my guide - to round off my corners.

Now you are ready to finish - use your black swirl print and make some bias binding and bind around your bag!

Now you have a cute and functional Makeup {to-go} bag! These would make fabulous gifts!!

Talk to you soon,


Yanicka said...

Wow great tutorial and lovely bundle. Always partial to pink and black

c said...

Elvis Presley colors, lol. Love the products from here, the project is outstanding, and the tutorial is very very helpful. Great steps. THANK YOU.

cghundley said...

Very nice and pretty.
Would be so useful.
Carla from Utah

Unknown said...

I made 3 for Christmas gifts! THEY LOVED THEM!!! Thank you!!!

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