Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Halloween Mystery Quilt Sew Along!

Hi there!! I have been dying to tell you guys about a new Sew Along we are starting next month! It's a Mystery Sew Along - and I would love for you to join me!

Here is the posting schedule: CLICK ON LINKS 

Since it's a "Mystery Quilt" I can only tell you a few things:

  • It is a Halloween Quilt
  • It is 36" x 36" 
  • We have kits available - with backing and binding INCLUDED.  
  • I will post every Thursday - starting in August and it will go for five weeks.
  • I will include a PDF download each week so you can easily print of the instructions for each week. 
  • Skill level would be a confident beginner - this quilt is traditionally pieced.  
Now let's get to the fabric we selected for this Mystery Quilt!

Purchase Kit HERE

Here is the posting schedule: CLICK ON LINKS 

August 31
September 7
September 14

So be sure to pick up a kit before they sell out - and come sew with me next month! :) 

Talk to you soon!


knttnggirl said...

what skill level is required fot this quilt along?

Lindsey said...

Hi there!

I would say a confident beginner - at least. I hope this helps! :)

- Lindsey

Mckayirish said...

Machine quilting or hand quilting?

Lindsey said...

Hi Mckayirish - It is all machine pieced - you can finish it with hand or machine quilting -- whichever you prefer. But we will be piecing the quilt by machine.

Susan said...

Thanks! Someone gave me Halloween fabric that I haven't exactly known how to use, so this might be the project for it, though I do like your choices a lot. Thank you for making your details about it so complete - even though it's a mystery! dezertsuz at gmail

Pam S. said...

I'm not very good at tiny. Do you think this quilt along would work using 5" squares (at least on first block set)?

Diamond said...

I have signed up, and been waiting, materiak cut, but I have not seen the first block instructions yet....was A
ug 17 the first pattern, or the kit list for material cutting? I am looking forward to this seasonak mystery. Thank you.

Lindsey said...

Hi Diamond:

You can find the latest post here: -- and also if you scroll down there are links to previous posts! I hope this helps!


Lindsey said...

Hi Pam, unfortunately you will need to keep the cutting the same. The way the quilt is set up, it is important for the blocks to be the correct size. This particular block is the smallest one as far as pieces go - so from here on out - the pieces will be a bit larger. I hope this helps!


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