Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Star Spangled BOM {Flying Geese Border Blocks}

Hi there! This month we are going to work on our Flying Geese Border! 

If you are just learning about this BOM - I would recommend you stop by the original post - where I share ALL the information related to this BOM! You can find that post RIGHT HERE.

So let's get to it! You will need to make 48 flying geese blocks:

When making the flying geese units you will have triangle trimmings left over.  SAVE THOSE TRIMMINGS!!!  I will be sharing a bonus project using all the leftover trimmings we have from those flying geese blocks!  So if you would like to make the bonus project, put those trimmings in a safe spot! ;) 

Use #starspangledbom on Instagram so we can see your blocks! 


Anonymous said...

Love your BOM Projects. Thank you for all of your sharing. You mentioned a Bonus project from the left overs. Did I miss it? Thanks again for sharing.
Carol O

Susan said...

I love flying geese, but I make them Eleanor Burns way, so I won't have any trimmings. But maybe I can just make some when you show what you're doing with them!

Lindsey said...

Hi there,

No you did not miss it! I will be posting it at the end of the BOM! :)

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