Thursday, October 7, 2010


Meet 14 year old....he likes to be called the General Manager of Fort Worth Fabric Studio!   He's my right hand man (actually he's a lefty!), and can do work on the website, pull orders, put bolts away, help package & weigh, and is an overall awesome organizer!


ShirleyC said...

Hello Clayton! We have a 15 yr. old grandson, named, Clayton!

Quilting Diva said...

I think it's awesome that you have a young man working for the company. So despite what everyone says about teenagers being lazy,he has proved them wrong.

Everyone should have a helper like Clayton!

Fort Worth Fabric Studio said...

~Shirley~ Our Clayton thinks it's awesome that you have a Clayton in your family! :o)

~Quilting Diva~ thank you very much! You are right, Clayton is a worker bee, I'm proud of him for how he tackles what needs to be done...and the neat thing is seeing how he plans out his school projects, not leaving them all to the last minute, etc. I know I'm biased...but he's a great kid. :o)

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