Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Card Holder Wallet {Tutorial}

Hi there! I am flying to Texas tomorrow for Quilt Market! Wahoooo! I am so excited for this fun-filled weekend!  

While I am at Quilt Market, I am definitely going to take my business cards.  I was thinking, that I didn't really have anywhere to keep a bunch of them all in one place that would be convenient, and small enough to just tuck in my purse.  I figured I should remedy that immediately! :)

So I came up with this tiny Card Holder Wallet:

This card holder measures at 5" wide and 3" tall when closed.  So it's really compact and perfect to put in my already over-flowing purse!   This was so easy to put together, and I was able to literally use some scraps to whip this up.

I used some fusible fleece as my interfacing, which makes the card holder really sturdy.  To keep the wallet closed, I added a magnetic snap.  These things are the best! They are so easy to work with and are very functional!

Fabrics used in this wallet are from A Beautiful Thing by Riley Blake

So what do ya say, let's make one together!


PDF Pattern -- Print HERE.
Exterior fabric  6" x 8" piece will be a good size of scrap
Interior fabric  6" x 8" piece will be a good size of scrap
Interfacing - Purchase here
Magnetic snap - Purchase here
Coordinating thread

Step 1: Cut your pattern out.  Pin pattern to a layer of your exterior fabric and interfacing and cut out. Then cut another layer of interfacing and your interior piece with the same pattern piece.

You should have two interfacing pieces, and an exterior and interior piece cut out.

Step 2: Iron your interfacing onto the wrong sides of your interior and exterior pieces.

Step 3:  Take a ruler and measure 1.5" down from the center point of the top your interior fabric piece.

Step 4: Now take one of your backing pieces from your magnetic snaps and put the center circle right over the place you marked.  Mark in the two little rectangles with a marking pen.  Then with your seam ripper very carefully cut a slit where you marked the two rectangles.

Step 5: Insert the snap prongs through the two holes you made.

Step 6: Now place the back piece on and then bend the prongs over to secure the snap into place.

Step 7: Now add your other part of your snap. You will do this on the EXTERIOR piece.  You will do it 1.5" up from the bottom of the center of your exterior piece.  You will follow the same instructions as above to insert snap.

Step 8: Place your exterior and interior piece right sides together and pin all the way around to secure.  Then sew a 1/4" seam around the perimeter-- leaving an opening along on of the sides.

Step 9: Turn right side out, then fold in your opening and press.  Do a top stitch around the whole wallet.

Step 10: Fold over the bottom portion and pin into place.  Then sew along the edge to secure the pocket.

That's it! You now have a handy little card holder! 

I am going to keep this in my purse! This will definitely come in handy while I am at Quilt Market! 

Talk to you soon!


Anne said...

One day I'll make it to Quilt Market!! Cute business card wallet! Here's hoping it's empty by the time you leave. I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later this morning that links to your tutorial:

Emily said...

Cute card holder.An alternative if you are not into leather. I like how it looks like a soft wallet.

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