Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Milk Cow Kitchen Table Topper

Hi there, and Happy October!  October has to be one of my favorite months out of the year.  I love the crisp fall weather, and I love the autumn colors! I happen to love decorating for Halloween, and I just love Halloween in general, so I am in my happy place right now! 

I have also officially started to get into the baking spirit! I just whipped up a batch of cinnamon rolls yesterday, and they were so delicious! The family gobbled those things up within a day! (I may or may not have had a more than a few myself)  

So let's get to another Milk Cow Kitchen project, shall we?

This fun little topper, is so simple to put together! It is made using charm squares, and comes together quickly.  I can't say enough about this Milk Cow Kitchen fabric! I love the entire line, and what better way to showcase an entire line of fabric, then using charm squares?  There are so many lovely prints in there, it was hard to just choose 24 to use in my topper!

For the backing I used this awesome patchwork print! This topper could actually be "reversible" because the baking alone, is so darn cute!

For the quilting, I just used a pre-set stitch on my machine, and kept it very simple.  I also decided to machine bind this one--mostly because my binding fairy wasn't around. ;)   But I wanted to try a zig-zag stitch to do the binding to see how I liked it.  I actually didn't mind it at all, and will definitely use in the future.

Alright, let's get started!

Finished topper measures 20" x 30"


1 Milk Cow Kitchen Charm Pack
3/8 yard background fabric - Cut into 6 - 1.5" x Width of fabric strips
1 yard backing
1/4 yard binding

*If you want to make your table topper a runner, by all means you can! For the table topper, I only used 24 charm squares, so if you wanted to use all of the charms, you could definitely make this larger. You would just need to adjust your background fabric, backing, and binding amounts.

Step 1: Out of your charm pack, select 24 charms.  Slice each charm diagonally in half, so that you have two triangles.

Step 2:  Line up one of your triangles (the long side), and place it right sides together with your background strip.  *Leave about 2 inches of your strip at the top and bottom.  Sew using a 1/4" seam.

*Tip-- Chain piecing these, makes it go a lot faster.

Step 3. Now you will line up your other half of your triangle and sew it to the other side of your strip.  Right sides together, 1/4" seam.  A good way to line your triangles up is to finger press the strip, so you have a line to go off of when lining up your other triangle.

Step 4: Press.  I like to press towards the dark fabric on these.

Step 5: Trim.  Using a ruler and rotary cutter, square off your blocks, trimming the excess strip piece off.

Follow the same steps, until you have 24 blocks.

Step 6: Line up your blocks in a 6 x 4 layout.  Sew them together in rows.  Pinning, helps to line these blocks up nicely.

Step 7: Sew your rows together.  Pin, Pin, Pin! You will want to do lots of pinning so all your crosses meet!

Step 8: Now you can baste, quilt, and bind with your preferred method!

And that's it! You now have a lovely little table topper that is suitable for you table all year round! :)

Talk to you soon,

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Unknown said...

This is really cute. I love the effect of trellis that the sashing gives. This would be great on a picnic table when having people over for a BBQ.

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