Thursday, December 4, 2014

18" Doll Quilt Tutorial

Hi there!  I have a fun tutorial to share with you guys today! This Christmas my two little girls are getting 18" dolls for Christmas.  My mom and I have been working on all sorts of fun things to go with the dolls for the girls.  My mom has been busy making doll clothes, and I have started making all their bedding.  And it's no ordinary bedding, these dolls are going to be sleeping with the cutest little quilts ever!

So last night,  I put on some Christmas music! (Pandora station: Alvin and the Chipmunks--yeah I'm classy like that! ;)  My second favorite station is Harry Connick Junior)  I got a bunch of colorful pinks, florals, and blues together and started sewing up this cute and very tiny Doll Quilt.

I cut all the squares 2.5" and started sewing, while listening to my favorite Christmas tunes and snacking on some chocolate!  It was so relaxing and I loved working with all these cute prints.  I have  lots of fun prints in there:  some cute cherry prints to polkadots and everything in between.  The scrappier the better, in my opinion! 

I slapped on a blue gingham border and binded it with some red polkadots.  I have to say this is the cutest little quilt, and I know my girl's are will love it!
Finished Quilt Size: 15" x 19"

Now, let me show you how I made this!


48 - 2.5" squares
1/4 yard for border (Cut 2" strips)
1/4 yard for binding (Cut 2.5" strips)
1 fat quarter for backing
Coordinating thread

Step 1: Cut out all your squares:

Step 2: Sew them together in a 6 x 8 layout: ( I added a cute little heart to one of my squares, just for fun, I thought my little girls would like it!)

Step 3: Add your borders.  Sew a 2" x length of quilt to each side. Then sew a 2" x width of quilt to the top and bottom.

Step 4: Baste, quilt, and bind!

So easy, and so cute! :) I am pretty sure I want a lap size quilt in all these fun colors and prints! I love how scrappy it is, and I know my girls will absolutely love their new doll quilts!

I'm off to make another one!

Talk to you soon,


Unknown said...

I love how you coordinated all those colors and prints! That's so vintage pretty! If you put together a Friday bundle like that I'd be all over it! :)

Kate said...

It's so nice to read that girls still play with dolls and mom's, and grannies, still make bedding and clothes for them. My mom did this for me and I did it for my daughter. I used to love sewing doll clothes. :)

pamela said...

I don't have any little girls to sew for, but this sure is sweet! BTW Harry Connick Jr. has always been one of my favorites. My grownup girls think I'm strange. Glad to know that I'm not!

Unknown said...

So sweet!!!!! My granddaughters would like it too~!!!!

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