Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Throw Pillows

Do you ever have those days where you really want to sew, but you only have a few minutes to spare?  Well, that's pretty much how my life is! :) I have three small kiddos running around, so my sewing time during the week is pretty much non-existent.  So on days that I really need my sewing fix, I love to make pillow covers. 

They are are quick, easy, and they always add a fun accent to any room in the house! I have quite the collection of pillow covers, and I just take them off and switch them out to the new season or holiday for that month.  

So yesterday, my husband surprised me and got off work about an hour early, and so I had exactly a 1/2 hour to sew, before my oldest had to go to dance.  I ran to my sewing room, got out this fabric I've been hoarding for a while now, and decided that I needed some Spring pillows! I whipped these up in  less than 30 minutes, and ran upstairs and photographed them before I ran out of light and then took my daughter to dance! How's that for some speedy sewing! 

I adore this fabric from AdornIt! It's so cute, and it just has a spring vibe going on that I love!  I will tuck these into my special pillow spot where I can sit and stare at them! :)

Talk to you soon,

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