Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Starburst {Mini Quilt Mania}

 Hi there! Welcome to Mini Quilt Mania! We are kicking off our month long series today! We have a full schedule of mini quilt tutorials from some of our favorite bloggers! I can't wait to see what they've made!

Today, it's my turn to share a mini quilt!  I had a lot of fun designing this quilt.  I love star quilts.  I am pretty much drawn to any quilt that has stars!  I wanted to share my love of star quilts with you by sharing this fun Starburst Mini Quilt:

I used the most lovely fabric for this mini! It's Milk,Sugar, and Flower by Elea Lutz.  I adore this line of fabric and the vintage vibe it has.  I love the tiny prints and the gorgeous florals in these fabrics. It just reminds me of my grandmother and what she might have sewn with!  

Alright let's get started!

Fabric requirements:

3/8 yard of background fabric
1/8 yard of Milk Drops Yellow
1/8 yard of Magpie Mint
1/4 yard of Main Print Cream 
1/4 yard of Magpie Pink (for binding)


From background fabric:

4 - 3" squares (A)
8 - 3 3/8" squares cut in half diagonally (B)
2 - 2" x width of fabric strips for border
          sub cut into 2 - 15.5" x 2" strips
          sub cut into 2 - 18.5" x 2" strips

From Yellow:

4 - 3" squares (A)
4 - 3 3/8" squares cut in half diagonally (B)

From Blue:

8 - 3 3/8" squares cut in half diagonally (B)

From white floral:

4 - 3 3/8" squares cut in half diagonally (B)
1 - 5.5" square (C)

From Magpie Pink
 3 - 2.5" x width of fabric strips - (For binding)

Here is a diagram of the block:

All seams are scant 1/4" 

This block is primarily made out of half square triangles, to make the half square triangles, you will take two B triangles and sew the long sides together. This will make one half square triangle.

You will need the following half square triangles for this block:

Now it's time to lay out all of your pieces:

Instead of sewing them into rows, you will sew them into sections first: 

Now you will sew them into rows:

Now you will sew the rows together:

Now sew the left and right border on (2" x 15.5" strips) :

Now the top and bottom border (2" x 18.5" strips):

Now you are ready to baste, quilt and bind with your preferred method! 

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check back all month long for more Mini Quilts!

Talk to you soon,


Kate said...

Love it, Lindsey, thanks so much! x

The Cozy Pumpkin said...

So pretty, Lindsey! And I too love a good star! :)

Melanie said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

legato1958 said...

This is so pretty! Thanks for the pattern, and for all of the mini wallhanging patterns coming this month! I love this size! It is perfect for the gorgeous bundles you put together!

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