Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Toddler Apron

Heather is stopping by today to show you a little variation on my reversible apron pattern!  This is such an easy pattern and would make any toddler very happy! :)

A certain young girl in my life recently received a play kitchen, which means she needs proper accessories to play in the kitchen with.  Absolutely first on my list of items to make was an apron.

I used Lindsey's tutorial to make a reversible apron that fits a 2 year old.  This is a great size and shape for a younger child.  Most apron patterns and tutorials are aimed at an older and larger child, so this one was perfect!

Materials Used:
1/2 yard Wallflowers Mini Pink Flowers Pink Wyndham
1/2 yard Wallflowers Aqua Branches Wyndham
1 yard 7/8 inch Grosgrain Ribbon Polka Dot HOT PINK
1x 1" Gingham Buttons Pink Riley Blake
1" of hook and pile velcro
Fray Check

I made a couple slight changes from Lindsey's original version.  I skipped the prairie points, because while adorable, I was trying to finish it up in time for her birthday.

Neck Strap: The original tutorial uses ribbon, but I wanted the neck strap to be more adjustable so that the apron can fit longer.

I cut a strip of fabric 2" wide and 18" long.  Press one short edge in 1/4".  Next, I folded and pressed each side of the long edge in by 1/4".  Then, I pinned those folded edges together and sewed them together.  This gave me the strap below without having to turn anything inside out.

Instead of using the button as the method of attachment, I used a small rectangle of velcro.  I sewed the button to the top of the velcro area to mark where the velcro is and for decoration.

As my daughter grows, I can move the velcro to have more length around her neck.  I will also move the button to keep the look of the button attachment.

I used the ribbon for the waist ties as directed in the tutorial.  There is 1/2 yard of ribbon for each side.  I used fray check on the cut edges to keep the ribbon from unraveling.

The new little chef doesn't really get the concept of an apron yet, but she enjoys it in 2 minute spurts.

As she gets old enough to "help" in the kitchen, this will also be useful for her to wear and protect her clothing a little.

If you make this apron, please share a photo with Lindsey at lindsey@fortworthfabricstudio.com or on Instagram using the hashtag #sewingwithfwfabricstudio.

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