Wednesday, June 10, 2015

DIY Striped Pillow Tutorial

 I have a pillow problem...I freely admit that!  They are my go to project when I really want to sew something, but only have 30 minutes to do so! 

The other day, I was itching to sew...and I knew I wanted some more 4th of July inspired pillows.  So I came up with a simple striped pillow.  This would be a great beginner pillow project!  It's so versatile, you can use whatever color you want for your stripes, and it will take on a whole different look! 

I love the navy against the linen! It has a very nautical feel to it, and it looks great with my flag pillow!  

Alright, let's make one! 

1/4 yard of linen
1/4 yard of navy fabric
3/8 yard of backing

1 14" pillow form

3 - 3" x 15" navy strips
3 - 3" x 15" Linen strips
2 - 10" x 15" rectangles (for backing)


1. Sew your strips together, alternating the blue and linen so that you have six strips sewn together.

2. Trim your front panel to 15" x 15"

For backing:

3. Hem your two pieces on one long side (about a 3/8" hem)

4. Place your front piece RIGHT SIDE UP, and then place your two backing pieces RIGHT SIDE DOWN they will overlap.  Line up all the edges.  The hem on the back pieces will be towards the center of the pillow. Pin into place. 

5. Sew around the perimeter using a 3/8" seam allowance.  Snip off your corners, being careful not to go into the seam allowance.

Now turn your pillow cover right side out and press!

Insert your pillow and you're done!  

Talk to you soon,

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With the linen!!!! My eyes are so happy right now.

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