Saturday, June 27, 2015

June Mystery Project 3 {Ric Rac Tea Towels}

Hi there! Today I am excited to share the third mystery project with you! (I have a bonus project to share later this week, so be sure to keep all your scraps)  

I have a love for decorating my kitchen.  I love to collect old trinkets and vintage kitchen items and scatter them throughout my kitchen.  The rolling pin in the picture below was my grandmother's rolling pin. I love that it has yellow handles, and you can see that it was used a lot! There are a lot of markings and scuffs on it! My grandma was a great cook, and I imagine she made many yummy things with this rolling pin!  My grandma was also a great seamstress.  I like to think some of my love of sewing came from her.  I think she would have enjoyed making these towels for her kitchen and probably would have made several sets! 

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I love to sew functional things! One of my favorite things to make are tea towels! They are a breeze to make, and I hang them everywhere!  I have a set hanging from an old vintage window, a set hanging from a ladder, and another set hanging from a corner iron shelf.  They add a fun touch to my kitchen, and I love switching them out with different holiday ones! So today, I thought I would share this very simple version of tea towels, that you can either use as actual towels, or you can just hang them up for decoration! :)  

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did! :) 

Talk to you soon,


Jackie said...

I love these! Thank you....

sylvie jourdan said...

Very beautiful ! Thanks for this project

Karen said...

These are so nice. Would make nice gifts! Thank you for the idea!

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