Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Mystery Project #4 {Bonus Projects}

Hi there! So, I hope you saved up all your scraps from your June Mystery Bundle!  I have TWO bonus projects to share with you!  

Look at all these fabulous projects I've made with the June Mystery Bundle!

First up is this super cute and easy pincushion! You really can't have enough of these in my opinion! I am on a pincushion kick right now, and have made several in the last month or two! I love making them because they are so simple, but very functional! They also would make a great gift for your quilty friends! 

My inspiration for this pincushion came from Bee in my Bonnet, she made the most lovely pincushion a few weeks back, I had to make one of my own!

I love the fact that these have tiny little boxed corners--they are so very cute and make the pincushion sit nice and flat.   It is a lot easier than it looks, and once you've made one -- you will want to make several more!

You will follow Lori's tutorial, but to make my version, you will just make a simple 9 -patch block!

To do that you need:

Click HERE for Tutorial!  If you would like to make one just like hers, you can find her Apron Strings block in her new book Farm Girl Vintage! You can purchase in our shop!  HERE

Next up is a simple Sewing Machine Cover!  I made one of these a few months back, and thought I'd better make another one, because I have three sewing machines, and none of them had covers!  I figured I needed to fix that ASAP! ;) The one I am showing you today, I made for my main sewing machine - "Betty" my Bernina.  

This was super simple to make, and there is hardly any "thinking" involved in making this! You basically just sew strips together until you have the size you need to cover your machine.  Since my machine sits flush with my sewing table, mine is on the smaller side, but for those of you that have your sewing machine sit on top of your tables, you would just make yours long enough to fit over you sewing machine.  

I loved making this, and now Betty has a nice cover that is not only pretty, but functional too! :) 

I just used some coordinating ribbons for the ties, but you could easily use fabric strips and make them into ties if you didn't have any ribbon.  I also had to piece my backing so that I had a big enough piece for the back.

The cover I am linking you to is a little different then the one I made with my left over pieces, but you could make either one with your scraps!

Click HERE for Sewing Machine Tutorial

If you decide to make the one I made, you will just sew various strips together until you get a big enough piece to cover your sewing machine.  Then simply follow the same instructions in the link above for attaching the ribbons!

Well that's it for June's Mystery Projects! I hope you had fun making them! Please shoot me an email with pictures if you have made any of the projects! I would love to see them! (lindsey@fortworthfabricstudio.com)

Talk to you soon,

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Missy Shay said...

What super cute projects! Thank you for sharing the tutorials!

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