Sunday, August 9, 2015

5 Things {Nadra Ridgeway}

Hi there! We are continuing our 5 Things Series today with the fabulous Nadra Ridgeway! We are so excited for you to get to know a little more about Nadra! 

Nadra is the lovely designer behind the new charming fabric line "Bloom and Bliss" by Riley Blake Designs.   We absolutely adore this new collection and you can find her entire collection in our shop - right here!  We can't wait to start seeing all the lovely projects created with this fabric!

Nadra produces handmade accessories and textiles for babies and children as well as her own sewing patterns and fabric designs. In early 2014 she made her dream come true by opening her own shop and studio. Here she sells her handcrafted goods, as well as fabrics and sewing notions. Being creative has always given her joy and fulfillment and her hope is, that her work will inspire creativity in others.  (Source)  She has a delightful website called Ellis and Higgins, be sure to stop by and check out her lovely work! 

Before we get to the five things, I asked Nadra a few specific questions about her work and inspiration! I hope you enjoy getting to know Nadra as much as I have! 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?I mostly find inspiration on walks through the meadows and woods that surround our little village, while thrift shopping, when travelling... I collect little flowers and leaves and dry them in a flower press like I used to do, when I was a little girl. I always take pictures when I see interesting patterns and shapes or beautiful color combinations. Floor tiles, vintage fences and window ornaments or just the beautiful front yard of a little cottage, inspiration is everywhere!

What was the first thing you designed?
I designed a stuffed giraffe in sewing class when I went to school, I think it was in 6th grade. We would pick a favorite animal, draw it and create a three dimensional pattern. We even painted the fabric. I loved making it, and I know it still exists somewhere in my mother's basement.
What are you currently working on?
I just completed my second fabric line and am now working on a few new quilt patterns. I am also busy with lots of beautiful Bloom and Bliss projects. I will be attending Quilt Market in fall and of course I want to bring as much sewn goods as I can carry!

What does your creative space look like?
My studio is a beautiful and bright room with skylight and a lot of space. It turnes into a total mess when I'm working on a project and I force myself to clean up every evening. I just can't start my day in an untidy surrounding.

5 Things about me

1. I start every day with a big vanilla flavored latte macchiato. There should always be milk, coffee and vanilla flavor in our house...

2. My soulfood is pasta. There's nothing like spaghetti with basic italian tomato sauce and parmesan!

3. We're a little family of three, our son just turned five. He is the sweetest boy! A few years ago we moved from the city to the countryside and now live on a beautiful old farm. I really love my garden, but this autumn I will buy a leaf vacuum!

4. I have the irresistible urge to sort everything by color. Harmonic color combinations appeal to my sense of balance and just have a satisfying effect. Pink is my alltime favorite color.

5. I have a weak spot for fast rides, especially sports cars from the 80s. As a teenager I even wanted to become a motorcycle racer!

I want to thank Nadra for stopping by today and letting us have a little peek into her creative life! 

You can find Nadra over on her website: 

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Little Quiltsong said...

It was so interesting to learn more about Nadra, as a person, and as a fabric designer! Her line of Fabric, is stunning and I can't wait to sew a quilt with it! I'm always amazed at all the creativity of others - it motivates me to keep sewing.

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