Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Halloween Mini Quilt

Hi there! Today Nettie (my very talented) mom is stopping by to share this fun Halloween Mini quilt as a part of our Halloween Series this month! 

I love mini quilts! They are so fun to make, and you can place them anywhere and everywhere! I love to place mine on end tables, hang them on the wall, or just put them on the center of my kitchen table! They are a fun way to decorate your home! 

Let's get started!

Fabric Requirements:

3/8 yard of orange (for center)
1/2 yard of various orange prints
1/4 yard of black
1/2 yard of fusible web
5/8 yard of backing
1/4 yard of binding
Template - print here!

4 - 4" black squares -cut in quarters diagonally. (A)
4 - 4" orange squares - cut in quarters diagonally. (A)
12 - 3 1/4" orange squares. (B)
1 - 8 7/8" x 8 7/8: orange square (C)
2 - 2" x 14 1/4" strips (border)
2 - 2" x 17 1/2" strips (border)

Step 1: Make your hourglass block units.  

Take an orange triangle and a black triangle and sew them together on one of the short sides. Press. Make two.  Then sew your two larger triangles together to make your hourglass unit.  Press. Make 4 hourglass units. 
Step 2: Sew 2 sets of B squares together. Press

Make 2

Step 3: Sew a row of 3 B squares together and then add an hourglass block on the top and the bottom. Press.

Make 2

Step 4: Sew a set on to the top and the bottom of your C square. Press.

Step 5: Now add your hourglass rows onto the left and right sides.  Press.

Step 6: Add your borders.  Take your 14 1/2" strips and sew onto the left and right side, and press.  Then add your 2 17 1/2" strips to the top and bottom. Press. 

Step 7: Add your appliqué.  Print out template.  Cut out bats, and letters.  Iron some black fabric to some fusible web (according to package directions) and then trace your letters (trace them upside down) and your bats onto your fusible web backed fabric.  Cut them out and fuse them onto the center of your mini quilt.  Stitch around them to secure.  Add some buttons for the bats eyes. 

That's it! I'm glad I could stop by and share this fun mini with you!

Nettie :)


Nettie said...

Just the adorable "little quilt" I was hoping to make for my grand-kiddos for Halloween!
Thanks so much, Nettie!
Nettie from Spanish Fork, UT

Sherryl said...

This is such a sweet little mini! Is there a template for the bats and letters? I'm sure I could create my own... but I thought I'd ask anyway...

Pat said...

Love this little quilt. Says to print out the template and trace.....I don't see anything that says template to be printed. Did I miss it?

Nettie said...

I couldn't find the template either........for bats and eek!

Lindsey said...

Hi ladies! I'm so sorry, I forgot to link to the template! I just added the link! It's also right here:

Please let me know if you have any other questions!


Pat said...

Found it! Thank you!! Now I have to go make it!!

Dresses and Spurs said...

Love this. It is so so cute!

Nettie said...

Hi Lindsey, I wanted to share a photo of the EEK quilt that I just finished! Could you send me your email? I would love for you to see it and share it with your Mom too.
Thanks so much, Nettie from Spanish Fork, UT

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