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Embroidered Christmas Pillow Tutorial

Hi there! Wow, I can't believe July is pretty much over! I have had so much fun with our Christmas in July series!  I want to thank all of our guests for their fabulous tutorials! I also want to thank our readers for the lovely comments! :) 

Now, I get to share this fun little project with you!  I have been on an embroidery kick! I am just learning how to do it, but have found that I truly enjoy it.  It is so relaxing to put on Netflix and work on some handwork!  I have a feeling this winter I will be doing a lot of embroidery. :) 

I love how this little pillow turned out! I used 25th and Pine for the fabrics (which I adore) and used matching embroidery floss for the embroidery on the pillow.   The embroidery is quite simple, and a great pattern for a beginner! After all, I am a beginner myself and have to keep it simple!

It took me an afternoon to complete the embroidery, and the rest of the pillow came together really quickly.  I truly enjoyed making this pillow, and I hope you enjoy the tutorial! 


Embroidery Floss Colors: DMC Red 349, Blue 3750, Green 505, Brown 898
Pillow Form

Instructions for the embroidery:

1. Transfer your pattern onto your fabric.  Do this by printing your pattern.  Tape your pattern to a window and then tape your fabric on top of that.  Trace your pattern with a pencil.  

2. The Tree:  Use the green 505 floss and use 3 threads.  Use a basic backstitch to make the tree and branches.   

For the red ends, use 349 floss and use 2 threads.  To make the loops, use the lazy daisy stitch.  For the small dots use Green 505 and do a french knot.

3.  The Bird:  Use Brown 302.  Use two threads, and outline the bird using a backstitch.  For the eye, do a french knot. 

4. The snowflakes, and snow line: Use Blue 3750.  Use two threads.  For the snow line, use a backstitch.  For the snowflakes, use a basic cross stitch.

5.  Merry Christmas Lettering: Use Red 349.  Use two threads and a backstitch to do the lettering. (I free-handed the lettering on my pillow, so it looks a bit different then the one on the pattern.)

6.  Border: Use Green 505.  Use two threads and do a running stitch (dashed lines)

7.  Adding the Flags: Cut out 4 small triangles about 1/2" in size (from top of the triangle to bottom) Interface them with some fusible web. Iron them on, and then stitch around them using Blue 3750.  Use two threads, and use a basic running stitch.

Adding the Fabric Border:

1. Once you are completely done with your embroidery piece, you will cut your center embroidery square to 6 3/4" x 6 3/4" square.

2.  Cut out 16 - 2  5/8" squares in various prints.

3.  Sew two sets of three squares together for the top and bottom of the pillow.

4.  Sew two sets of 5 squares together for the left and right sides.

5.  Attach the top and bottom sets first.  Right sides together, use a 1/4" seam.  Press.

6. Attach the left and right sides.  Right sides together, use a 1/4" seam. Press.

Your block will measure 11" x 11".  Depending on how large of a pillow form you have will depend on how big to make your outer border.  I decided to use the same fabric I used for my center embroidery square, but it would be cute to use a print of some sort as well!

Sew your outer border on and then make your envelope style pillow form.  I have a tutorial for that right here if you aren't sure how to do that!

That's it! You're done!  

The hardest part about this pillow is putting it away until Christmas time! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and our Christmas in July series! :)

Talk to you soon,


Anita said...

Very cute! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

What a great tutorial! I am already trying to find the time to make the Christmas placemats with the pocket! Now I want to make this pillow too! You have so many cute ideas and projects for all sewers, beginners and experienced. I love your blog! Kelly

Lara B. said...

Lindsey - this is so cute and what a great tute and pattern! Thank you for sharing it! I love your embroidery style!

Kathleen said...

I would love to try this! Haven't embroidered in quite a while, so simple is good!! Thanks for sharing.

Christine S said...

This is so cute, thank you!

Paula@TheSassyQuilter said...

We must have similar tastes because I just looooove this fabric line! I haven't really given the embroidery a try other than some names. It looks so adorable and perfect on this pillow. This will make another great Christmas gift. Thanks!

Michele said...

Just adorable.

Ramona said...

So dang cute! Thanks!

Maree in NC ☺ said...

Love it ~ thanks a bunch for sharing the great tutorial! ☺

my nana maree @ yahoo . com

Kate said...

Thanks so much - plan to work on this very soon. ^^

Barney Erikson said...

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