Sunday, January 18, 2015

Envelope Clutch Tutorial

Envelope Clutch Tutorial

Hi everyone! This tutorial is coming to you from Holly, and I work at Fort Worth Fabric Studio, here in the home office. You can read more about me here. I get a chance to spend a lot of time around all the beautiful fabrics we have come into the warehouse.

When we got the new Wild & Free by Art Gallery fabrics, I immediately wanted to make a project with this arrow print fabric. I combined this print with some faux leather from P&BTextiles, for an easy envelope clutch. 

This project is simple and quick to make. It only took me about an hour to make.


1. Cut all fabrics 27" x 12.5". 

2. Follow the instructions on the fusible fleece, and fuse it to the wrong side of the lining fabric.

3. Mark a center line on the wrong side of the fabric using a pencil or disappearing ink marker, going lengthwise.

4. Cut point by measuring from center point to 2" mark. Repeat on other side.

Cutting Diagram

5. Fold RST from the bottom, up to the 10"mark.  Repeat for lining fabric. Clip. 
6. Sew edges together.

7. Add female magnetic snap to the outside fabric in the center point of the front clutch body. Use seam ripper to create small slits to add snap.

8. Add male magnetic snap to the lining fabric on the center of the fold over flap. To find the center point, fold flap over the front of clutch body, measure 5 in down and 6 inches in and mark the center point. Use seam ripper to create small slits to add snap.

9. Flip lining fabric right side out, and stuff inside outside fabric, so the pieces are RST. Clip. {Make sure to leave a space open to turn clutch right side out.

10. Turn clutch right side out. Clip hole closed and top stitch. {For a more professional look, use a double needle} I used white thread, which will show up as a contrast on the leather. 

11. Wear everywhere! 

I know it seems like a lot of steps but they go fast. The finished project is 10" x 12" and it's big enough to fit a wallet, cell phone, keys, and even an iPad! 

Envelope Clutch Tutorial

Envelope Clutch Tutorial

Thanks to my cousin Abi for being a fantastic model!



✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

I love this! The arrow fabric is the perfect lining for the leather.

sylvie jourdan said...

I love it ! Very nice

myfabricconnection said...

wow very beautiful. I will try this.

Unknown said...

I am grateful for your tutorial. I just finished , my first one. That means there is more to come. What is fantastic about this purse is, IT'S NOT GIGANTIC. You won't feel like you're carrying a brief case just because it looks look an envelope. Wearing this to a wedding this Thursday and can't wait to use it. Great size and great directions. got caught up on the magnet but got it in there. :) thanks again. <3

Unknown said...

I love this, I will definitely try this

Anonymous said...

Hi.. love the clutch. .. can you please tell me the name of the faux leather used in this clutch...its no longer on your website and i can't seem to find it anywhere. I really need to get some asap

Fort Worth Fabric Studio said...

Anonymous - I'm unable to contact you since you didn't leave an email address. Please email me at We have sold of the faux leather, but I have found a couple of shops who still carry it. :) I would be happy to share links with you to those shops! :)

paulatinamente said...

Thanks for the tutorial!!
I am unsure about how to sew all the parts together in the last step. Is it possible to sew rights sides together and then turn inside out so that the sewn part is inside? (As you would do with a pillow case for example)
Thank you very much!!

Dorothy Neal said...

Missed the tutorial, look for it but couldn't find it. I got hung up on step 9, don't know what RST means. The other step is so simple.


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