Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Heart Garland Tutorial

Hi there! I hope you all are ready for an onslaught of Valentine's Day projects! :) I have officially caught he Valentine's Day bug, and have already started decorating my house.   Today I am going to share this fun Embroidered Heart Garland with you! 

 I had this idea come to me yesterday and I immediately got my supplies out and started stitching away! :) I finished last night, and couldn't wait to share it with you! 

Heart Garland Tutorial

This is so darn cute, and will add such a fun Valentine's Day flair to your home!  You can customize this to your own liking and use different colored floss, or put your own words in the center of the hearts.  Or you don't have to have any words in the center of your hearts at all! It's all up to you! 

Heart Garland Tutorial

 Now what do you say? Let's make one!


Step 1: Trace your heart onto a piece of linen.  If you don't have a tracing table, then you can tape your template to the window, and place your fabric over and tape that.  Then trace the image.

Step 2: Place a piece of batting and then lay your linen on top of that. Place in your embroidery hoop and then you are ready to start stitching your words.

Step 3: Using your embroidery floss, I used all 6 strings of the floss.  And I embroidered the letters using a simple backstitch.

Step 4: Now you can cut the heart out, you will cut through the batting layer as well.  You will also cut out an additional heart out of linen for your backing.

Step 5: Layer your two hearts and pin in place. Then using the same thread you will blanket stitch around the two hearts.

Heart Garland Tutorial

Step 6: Follow the same steps to make all four hearts.  Once you are done, you will string them together using the same floss, you used to embroider.  

That's it! When you are done hang them up and enjoy! 

Heart Garland Tutorial

Remember my Love Squared quilt from last year?! I hung it up on my quilt shelf that's in my kitchen! it's the perfect spot to add a little red and pink to my kitchen! 

You can download the pattern for Love Squared here for FREE! Click HERE

Heart Garland Tutorial

Talk to you soon!


Kate said...

These hearts are cute.
Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Very cute! Love the quilt too!

SonjaLoyd said...

So cute! Love both the hearts and quilt!!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Sweet! Valentines might be my favorite holiday and I'm already planning my decorating.

sylvie jourdan said...

Very nice ! I love all your tutorials

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