Monday, September 11, 2017

Raspberry and Cream BOM {Quilt Assembly}

Hi there! Today I am ready to share the next step in the Raspberry and Cream BOM! 

Wow, I can't believe we are just about done with this quilt.  This month we are sewing our blocks together!  This is an "on point" quilt - so it is put together a little differently than traditional block quilts! 


These patterns are not "free", so you will need to purchase a kit to receive the fabric + patterns.  The Raspberry & Cream BOM was designed & written by Marsha McCloskey.  We are simply sharing our progress and giving a few tips on completing your blocks as you sew along using your purchased pattern.

My tips for assembling your quilt: 

1. Lay the entire quilt out!  I used my bed, and laid each block out. 

2. Make sure all of your blocks are the same size! I know this is probably something you already know - but I want to make sure I mention that my hourglass blocks were a little bigger than my other blocks - so I had to trim them down.

3. Pay careful attention to your chain blocks --- when laying out my blocks I had the pink squares running in the wrong direction on the sides.  I am SOO glad I caught it before I started sewing them together!  

4.  Same tip for the hourglass blocks - just pay careful attention to these - it's easy to have these going the wrong direction! 

5.  Take your time!  I spread this out between two days.  The first day I sewed all the blocks together. Once I sewed them into rows - I labeled each row with a letter and gathered them up.  The next day, I got them out again and since I labeled them - it was easy to just lay it out and start sewing the rows together! 

6.  When sewing your rows together - PIN, PIN, PIN!!! You guys, I am NOT a pinner - but when sewing rows together it is sooo important to nest your seams and pin!! Believe me, it was painful to have to pin so much  -  but I pulled through!!  Since I spent the extra time pinning, my quilt is nice and square and all my seams lined up beautifully!

Next month, I will share the final borders and I will showoff my finished quilt!! Yay!! I can't wait to share it with you guys! 

Here is the schedule for the block of the month:

Block 1: Air Castles January 17
Block 2: Bear's Paw January 31
Block 3: Bird's in the Air February 14
Block 4: Cat's Cradle February 28
Block 5: Double X March 14
Block 6: Eliza's Nine Patch March 28
Block 7: Gentleman's Fancy April 11
Block 8: Goose Tracks April 25
Block 9: Grandmother's Pride May 9
Block 10: Grape Basket May 23
Block 11: Kansas Trouble June 6
Block 12: Missouri Star June 20

Double Four Patch and Stepping Stone Blocks: July 11
Setting Blocks: August 13
Quilt Assembly: September 12
Final Borders: October 10

If you are following along, post your pictures to Instagram and use the hashtag: sewingwithfwfabricstudio

Talk to you soon! 


Kim said...

Beautiful. I look forward to your next post on borders. Any thoughts on how to quilt the top?

Deborah said...

If I wanted to do this quilt at a later time, will the block patterns still be available on your blog? It is a beautiful quilt. poladydwd(at)yahoo(dot)com

Lindsey said...

Hi Deborah,

The patterns were copyrighted and sold with the kit. We unfortunately are sold out of kits/patterns. We were only posting tips and tricks on the blog for this BOM - we were unable to post actual patterns on the blog because they are copyrighted. We will be starting a new BOM next year - hopefully you can join in! :)


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